Indoor Range Fees

Our range fee is $15/hr for archers with their own equipment. If you need to rent a bow to shoot the range fee is $30/hr. So customers who are interested in archery but don’t have their own bow can come in and enjoy shooting too. Annual range fee memberships are also available starting at $150 per person. Family rates start at $250. Limitations do apply.

Standard w/Video Range
Single Membership $150 $175
Family Membership (up to 4 members) $250 $275

Included in the annual membership

    Free use of the range and bow rental
    One annual bow tune up
    Members receive a 15% discount to have custom strings installed during that membership year.

Contact us for more information!

Facility rental for:
*Birthday Parties
*Corporate events and ministry activities.
*Leagues and Tournaments
*Equipment Rentals and Lessons

Call Now: 817-783-7300  For info and reservations

Birthday Parties: 

* $250 up to 10 guests 

* $20 per additional guest

 * Parties scheduled on Sunday to allow sole access to ranges

*  Parties are scheduled in 2hr blocks 

* We have bows and equipment for guests that don't