Membership Fees

Our range fee is $15/hr for archers with their own equipment. If you need to rent a bow to shoot, the range fee is $30/hr and we will provide you with a Genesis Bow and arrows. So customers who are interested in archery but don’t have their own bow can come in and enjoy shooting too. Annual range fee memberships are also available.

Single Membership: $150.00/yr for static range
Single Membership w/Video range: $175.00/yr

Family Membership: $250.00/yr for up to 4 members for static range
Family Membership w/Video range: $275.00/yr for up to 4 members

Included in the annual membership is:

    • Free use of the range and bow rental if needed;
    • One annual bow tune up per member;
    • Members receive a 15% discount to have custom strings installed during that membership year.

Contact us for more information!

Facility rental for:
*Birthday Parties
*Corporate events and ministry activities.
*Leagues and Tournaments
*Equipment Rentals and Lessons

Call Now: 817-783-7300  For info and reservations

Birthday Parties: 

* $250 up to 10 guests 

* $20 per additional guest

 * Parties scheduled on Sunday to allow sole access to ranges

*  Parties are scheduled in 2hr blocks 

* We have bows and equipment for guests that don't